Tuesday, October 7, 2014


In a move that is unlikely to surprise anyone, the new owners of Atlantic City's NBC affiliate are rumored to be telling employees that the station will be going dark on December 31. It certainly wasn't a very good station, with a pretty obviously low production budget and a history of relatively poor coverage of any "local" news story that got more than a few minutes away from Atlantic City itself, but the news still inspires feelings of sadness. I can't say I watched the channel very often growing up, as it often felt that any major news stories in the Cape May area were better covered by some of the Philadelphia network affiliates, and I definitely haven't watched it lately as I have long since "cut the cord", and am therefore not watching any local news programming, but I do follow TV40's team of meteorologists on Facebook, and I find them all to be very entertaining and informative, and I hope they manage to land on their feet if this news turns out to be true. There is still no mention of the news on the channels official webpage, so it may wind up just being a rumor, but if it's not, I wish all the best to everyone who would be losing their jobs as a result. FULL STORY: FTVLIVE