Tuesday, October 7, 2014


In case you hadn't yet heard, it is officially no longer safe to share any devices that you plug in via USB with other computers. Of course, one doesn't find a lot of instances of people sharing mice, keyboards, or webcams; so those wouldn't seem like such an obvious threat. But one does see a lot of people using USB flash drives to carry around and easily access all manner of important files. Unfortunately, these devices can very easily be turned into hosts for malware that is then transferred to any computer they come in contact with post-infection. So, it is probably best if you finally take the plunge and start using cloud storage. And if you must use a flash drive, make sure you only plug it in to devices that you, personally, are 100% sure have not been in contact with a USB device that has been in contact with any shared computers. FULL STORY: THE VERGE