Tuesday, September 30, 2014


While there are many people in this country who strongly believe the Constitution entitles them to own any sort of weapon they want, they don't seem to feel quite so strongly about a hobbyist's right to own and operate a drone. Here, in beautiful Lower Township, New Jersey, a man apparently became so distressed by the presence of a drone flying in his general vicinity that he decided the most reasonable course of action would be to retrieve his shotgun and get all "Duck Hunt" on it. Unfortunately for him, law enforcement officers generally have at least some degree of common sense and therefore could not agree with his position, leading to his arrest. Look, I certainly don't want people flying drones onto my property and shooting video of what I may or may not be doing at my computer, but I am also not overly thrilled with the idea that there are paranoid nut jobs whose first instinct is to shoot at anything even remotely suspicious living anywhere near me. At the very least, it could make it very challenging for Amazon to get packages to me whenever they start delivering things this way. FULL STORY: CAPE MAY COUNTY HERALD