Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Hopefully any moment now I will be receiving an email from my friend Nikola at Figytech informing me that the computer he is building for me is ready to pick up. Sure, I don't really NEED a new computer, as I am currently typing this post on one that works perfectly fine, but next week sees the release of the new "SimCity" and my experience with the 1 hour beta test a couple weeks ago demonstrated that this one is not really able to handle the game. Lucky for me this happens to coincide with tax return season, making the decision somewhat of a no-brainer.

Courtesy Electronic Arts
Of course, I probably COULD have put that money towards more productive purposes. I do have a pretty severely ingrown toenail on my right foot that I probably should do something about, but in what is fairly typical fashion for me I will wait until it actually starts to bother me before I go see a podiatrist. And even if I didn't spend the money on something else, that is most likely still the course of action I would have taken. I've had an ingrown toenail "permanently" removed before, and it was a very unpleasant experience that I am not exactly eager to repeat. That was a long time ago though and the memory of just how bad it was might be getting grossly exaggerated.

I also haven't gotten to buy anything fun for myself in quite a long time. And after having to suffer through a severe toothache brought about by an infection, which was immediately followed by a relatively minor but still annoying cold, I think I deserve a treat of some sort. And for the record, that toothache was perhaps the worst pain I've ever experienced, and puts the ingrown toenail removal into a different, less negative perspective.

As far as actually purchasing the game is concerned, I have accumulated enough Amazon gift cards from taking surveys online that I won't actually have to shell out any cash for that. And as next week's release creeps closer and closer I have to do everything I can to try and not get TOO excited about it, lest I allow my expectations to get unreasonably high. I am also trying to not watch too many clips of gameplay footage on YouTube, so as to leave at least a little bit of surprise for when I actually get to play it. I'm sure I'll have a lot to say about SimCity after it comes out. Just don't expect it to be right away as I will most likely be unable to tear myself away from my PC for several days....